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Protect yourself on the road

Drive safely through traffic with our auto coverage

We keep you driving legally

By law, you are required in Oklahoma to have at least minimum liability insurance coverage on any automobile with current tags. Any licensed driver within your household must be listed on the policy or he or she will not be covered in the case of an accident.


With over 40 years of experience, Stumpff Insurance and his certified staff know the auto insurance laws well and can help you make sure you are adequately covered while on the road. You'll get peace of mind in the case of an accident with a policy tailored to your needs.

Auto insurance policies required for:

- Cars – foreign and domestic

- SUVs – 2-door and 4-door

- RVs – all sizes and classifications

- Trucks – all makes and models


Insurance Partners

- Mercury Insurance

- Hartford Insurance

- National American Insurance

- Progressive Insurance

- Republic Insurance

- Mid-Continent Casualty Insurance

- Farmers Alliance Insurance

- Equity Insurance

- Old Republic Surety Co. Insurance


Far from perfect driving record?

We welcome all types of drivers

We know accidents or driving mistakes happen. That doesn't mean you should have to pay excessively high premiums for your auto insurance. We don't discriminate based on your driving record or the age.