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Covered by land or by sea

An insured boat or RV gives you peace of mind

Protect yourself on the water or during a road trip

Regardless of how you enjoy spending your leisure time, Stumpff Insurance has over 40 years of experience in insuring your boats, jet skis, yachts, or recreational vehciles. Our certified insurance specialists will tailor the perfect plan to meet the needs of you and your family.


Don't pay for a policy with a large out-of-pocket premium for an accident, damage, or another's mistake. We have liability, full coverage, and state minimum insurance plans available for you. Call and speak with us today to learn about your options.

Insurance provided for the following:

- Boats

- Yachts

- Jet skis

- Recreational vehicles


Insurance Partners


Accidents will definitely happen, so protect your boat or RV with a policy

Whether you have recently been in an accident or the elements have your boat or RV in shambles, we have the perfect policy to protect you from weather-related incidents or accidents.

- Mercury Insurance

- Hartford Insurance

- National American Insurance

- Progressive Insurance

- Republic Insurance

- Mid-Continent Casualty Insurance

- Farmers Alliance Insurance

Equity Insurance

- Old Republic Surety Co. Insurance